CelerMedia, full stack web development and digital marketing in Fort Collins, CO


Welcome to the CelerMedia online portfolio. A selection of projects that have been worked on in the past can be found below, giving a fair overview of the work done here at CelerMedia. Much of the work done in recent years have been internal projects for businesses, so cannot be easily represented on our portfolio. Code samples for any projects below can be provided upon request.


Roles: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Provided the initial HTML wireframe for the entire store/application, which was later integrated into Ebay's ProStores by another individual. As well as on-going matinence for JavaScript needs and issues.

Roles: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Roles: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This is a small PSD to HTML project that never made it to release, but is an example of a really fast turn around image to code project.

Roles: PSD[image] to HTML & CSS

Current working development for an eco-friendly power washing company. TLS PowerWash is looking for a simple, to-the-point website to let people know what sort of services they provide and why they are the better choice.

Roles: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Roles: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

TheBoardRoom Surf & Skate is a fully functional storefront mockup for a skate shop in southern California. Not currently live, but a live "preview" version can be viewed upon request.

Roles: Visual Enhancements, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript

Design: Initial base design by Taylor Bourne

This is an example of a simple one page design for the sale of a waterfront home in mississippi. Designed to be simple and answer several common questions asked by potential home buyers.

Roles: Design, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, Production, SEO

CelerCMS is currently in the private beta stage. It will serve as a launching pad for future projects, as well as a free web-based utility for creating web pages and simple, easy-to-use ecommerce solutions.

Roles: Design, Development, Production

celerCart is a user-friendly eCommerce solution for small businesses of all types. celerCart will be able to function as either a stand-alone web application, or a more robust, SaaS solution.

Roles: Design, Development, Production